Kalari Chikitsa (Kalari Treatment) is a unique blend of Kalari Marma Points Therapy and the Ayurveda and Siddah systems of health. Kalari Chikitsa is especially used in the treatment of orthopedic disorders and neuromuscular problems such as arthritis (64 types), migraine (6 types), back pain, sciatica, hip pain, spondylosis, disc prolapse, joint problems affecting the knees, elbow and shoulders, bone fractures, etc..

How the therapy works?

Kalari identifies 107 vital points in the human body. The knowledge of these vital points (Marmas) plays a major role in the effectiveness of Kalari Chikitsa . The underlying principle of Kalari Chikitsa is that an anomaly to any system of the human body such as the nervous system or muscular-skeletal system can happen only if one or more of the 107 vital spots are bruised. The treatment is all about detecting the affected vital spots and restoring them to normalcy.