Detoxes are meant to be a routine part of restoring balance to your health.

Keep in mind that each person has their own unique balance of doshas, based on genetics and personality traits, which are linked to various health outcomes. An Ayurvedic practitioner can help you determine your dosha and related treatment options.

Some Ayurvedic sources recommend detoxing at the start of each season to rid your body of toxins, or Ama, that may have accumulated during the previous season from food, stress, and other factors.

Since people have different doshas, not all Ayurvedic detoxes look the same — though all are said to cleanse your body of impurities and toxins. In addition to a bodily detox, you’re encouraged to make broader dietary and lifestyle changes to achieve a balanced dosha. #AyurvedamassageinDubai #Ayurvedarelaxationtherapydubai #Ayurvedadetoxdubai #Wellnesscenterdubai #Massageindubai

Bodily detox (Purvakarma and Panchakarma)

- A preliminary phase known as Purvakarma is meant to send toxins to your bowels and the surface of your skin to be excreted.

- Usually, this involves oil massage, steaming, and Shirodhara — a relaxation practice involving warm oil being placed on the forehead to promote mental clarity.

Next, a more intensive therapy called Panchakarma is recommended to rejuvenate your body and strengthen the detox. 

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