Rediscover the benefit of Ayurvedic Post Natal Care for you and Your Baby..

After pregnancy and delivery, there will be changes both physically and emotionally; like lack of sleep, taking care of baby, anxiety over baby’s health, hormonal changes, wondering and worrying about your body shape, etc affect during the post partum period. This post partum period is considered as a highly sensitive period and all the post partum care systems as per Ayurveda place a great emphasis on encouraging fast healing, boosting immunity and improving the production of milk.

Post Natal Care / Mother Care / After Delivery treatment for mothers gets extra natural care and treatments to regain vigour and vitality. Modern and traditional medicines has same voice that mothers needed extra care after child birth to balance the hormone changes and post natal distress and uneasiness. Al Karama Ayurvedic treatments help mothers to overcome postnatal complexities and also nourish her to begin a happy journey with her most expected kid. Post natal Care treatment center in Dubai. Al Karama Ayurveda prescribes complete relaxation and medication to increase immunity powers and lactation. Post natal period is also demands extra concern like pre natal relaxation. #PostnatalCaretreatmentindubai

Post Natal Care Benefits

  • Rejuvenates and relaxes mother
  • Traditional oil massage for mom and baby.
  • Relieves tension and depression.
  • Herbal water bath
  • Removes stretch marks
  • Tighten loose stomach muscles
  • Treatments for whitening the scin
  • Keeps figure and vigour of mother’s
  • Ayurvedic postnatal medicines
  • Removes postnatal back and join pain
  • Prevents wear and tear of bones

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