Insurance Coverage All Major Insurance Cards Accepted

Policy Coverage:

We at Al Karama Ayurveda Centre, shall help you coordinate with your insurance companies for all your reimbursement claims and direct billings, ensuring smooth and stress-free process for our customers.

You simply need to provide us with a copy of your insurance card, post which we can check for your policy coverage, and advice as to how one should go about with the documentation process appropriately.

Steps for Reimbursement:

  1. Provide a copy of your insurance card.
  2. Our Admin staff will call your insurance company and check if your policy has a coverage for the required sessions.
  3. We will prepare your claim form after ending your sessions.
  4. You can then submit all the paperwork to your insurance via email or the insurance member portal.
  5. As for the total amount to be covered by the insurance, it will depend on your policy.