About Us Al Karama Ayurvedic Center - Profile

With over 37 years of illustrious service record in Ayurvedic therapies, Al Karama Ayurvedic Centre is managed by qualified professionals with experience and expertise in traditional Ayurvedic system & all other ways of natural healing. This dedicated institution offers alternative therapies with all the necessary facilities and conventions essential for the natural system of healing and rejuvenation. It includes all kind of Ayurvedic Treatments, Yoga Therapies, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, Marma Chikitsa, Kalari Chikitsa & Colon Hydrotherapy.

The Ayurvedic therapies offered include all kinds of Ayurvedic therapies, slimming therapy, herbal beauty care colon hydrotherapy. The centre highlights the holistic approach to therapy; its methods are curative as well as preventive. Ayurvedic system of natural therapies is risk-free as the herbal methods are free of any detrimental toxins and subsequent side effects. The Centre’s mission is to help people tune their lives the natural way with the right blend of traditional Ayurvedic methods.

Our Mission To Provide Quality service

A testament to a traditional health care system, Al Karama Ayurvedic Centre is dedicated to providing quality service with insight, compassion and excellence to assure the very best healthcare to all we serve. Our resources are natural and regulated in attunement to our social responsibility.

Our Vision Best Healthcare System

To be the healthcare system of choice for the people of UAE hailing from all backgrounds by demonstrating the efficacy of Ayurveda towards promoting a healthy wholesome life through the use of traditional health care treatments.

Our Values Dignity, Reverence, Trust

Dignity: Of life and living, ensuring everyone a wholesome disease free existence. Reverence: Of Body and soul, ensuring a clean mind and a fit body. Trust: Between healer and patient, evoking complete confidence in our staff and their service